Switch on your kettle remotely

via Amazon Alexa or Google Home

"Alexa, turn on the kettle"

or "Hey Google, turn on the Kettle". Connect to smart speakers with ease.

Or use our smart home App

You don't have to boil the water up to 100°C

With WeeKett, you can choose the right temperature to make the perfect cup of hot beverage

Here's what people use WeeKett for

*Based on feedbacks from prototype testing

"I schedule my WeeKett to boil at 6am so that I'm ready to have my tea first thing in the morning"

Emma - 25 - Investment Analyst

"I ask my Alexa to turn on WeeKett for me while I'm in the middle of my coding. Only go to the kitchen for my tea when the water is ready"

Mike - 28 - Java developer

"The APP is so simple to use and I love the fact that I can choose different temperatures for different types of tea."

Eugene - 26 - UX Designer

"I ask my Google Home to switch on WeeKett when I'm busy with my kid"

David - 32 - Father to a baby girl


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